What is WTBDC (World Trade Business Development Council)?

WTBDC (World Trade Business Development Council) is a leading organization operating in the fields of global trade and business development. Our aim is to support the digital transformation of the global business community, promote international trade, and foster sustainable development.

Our Services and Activities

1. Digital Transformation and Technology Integration:

WTBDC provides advanced technologies and innovative solutions to support businesses in their digital transformation processes. We optimize business processes using technologies such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain.

2. International Trade and Investment:

- We provide strategic consultancy services to enhance global trade, conduct international market research, and assess trade opportunities. We bridge investors and businesses to facilitate trade and investment.

3. Education and Capacity Development:

- We organize various training programs and seminars to enhance the skills of businesses and individuals. We offer training on developing digital skills, innovative business models, and sustainability topics.

4. Sustainable Development and Green Technologies:

- We develop projects that promote sustainable development and offer solutions in energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. By investing in green technologies, we contribute to reducing environmental impacts.