BJK Board Member Turgay Pirinç and Sinan Vardar met at the WTBDC Project Evaluation Meeting.

BJK Divan Board Member Turgay Pirinç, former BJK executive and sports writer Sinan Vardar, WTBDC Chief Advisor Ferit Raat, and entrepreneur Barkın Zafer from the textile sector came together at WTBDC's project evaluation meeting. During the meeting, participants discussed WTBDC's future projects, sharing valuable ideas and suggestions. The discussion focused particularly on potential collaborations in sports and tourism, with Sinan Vardar, Honorary Chairman of Jolly Tur, contributing insights from his experiences.

The WTBDC delegation completed their visit to Ankara by examining drone production and shipment stages.

The WTBDC team completed their visit to Ankara by inspecting drone production and shipment stages. During the visit, they gathered detailed information about the manufacturing processes and logistics operations of drones.

Following their engagements in Ankara, the next stops for the WTBDC team will be Istanbul and Buenos Aires.

WTBDC convened with key figures at the Project Development Meeting.

WTBDC met with Eran Tapan, who held senior positions at Koç Holding and Sabancı Holding, Mehmet Bey from Acun Medya IT team, entrepreneur Erdem Gülhan, and WTBDC Chief Advisor Ferit Raat during the project development meeting.

WTBDC evaluated Fund Establishment and Management topics with Gri Portföy Yönetimi.

WTBDC held an important meeting on fund establishment and management with Berna Hanım, General Manager, and Arif Bey, Chairman of the Board of Gri Portföy Yönetimi. The meeting was highly productive in evaluating conditions for future collaboration.

Detailed discussions took place on fund management processes and strategies. Berna Hanım and Arif Bey shared their expertise and experience in Gri Portföy Yönetimi's specialized areas. This meeting laid a solid foundation for future cooperation between WTBDC and Gri Portföy Yönetimi.

WTBDC received company approval in London.

WTBDC achieved a significant milestone by obtaining company approval in London on a blessed Friday. This approval represents a critical step in WTBDC's expansion process. Our investments and international fund efforts continue without pause.

Company officials expressed hope that this development will lead to prosperity for WTBDC's future projects and global collaborations. This pivotal approval in London is considered a milestone in WTBDC's global growth strategy.

WTBDC will collaborate with Dünya Gazetesi (Dünya Newspaper).

WTBDC's interview with Dünya Gazetesi focused on topics such as the World Trade Business Development Council (WTBDC), digital transformation, and the new world order. The interview will be published in Dünya Gazetesi, a prestigious media outlet covering economy and business.

During the interview, significant insights were shared regarding WTBDC's global trade and business development strategies, the impacts of digital transformation, and the new world order. As a result of this collaboration, WTBDC and Dünya Gazetesi have decided to cooperate in organizing future events and providing mutual support.

WTBDC will shake up financial markets with its WTP Pay payment systems.

WTBDC's WTP Pay payment systems, developed within the scope of digital banking and crypto exchange services, are set to revolutionize global financial markets. Supported by blockchain technology, this system is poised to be recognized as the reserve currency for international trade.

The WTBDC Protocol Token (WPT) stands out with its revolutionary features in the global trade arena. Through our WTP Pay payment systems, integrated with digital banking and our crypto exchange, we aim to transform the dynamics of international trade.

The WTBDC team is expanding collaboration with Norwegian and Scandinavian funds.

With the addition of Anıl, the Regional Manager for Norwegian and Scandinavian Funds, the WTBDC team has initiated efforts to channel funds into our system and develop various projects. These projects include industries, logistics storage, energy, and Green Bonds.

Following Anıl's involvement, the WTBDC team has mobilized the legal department to prepare contracts after a meeting with the Financial Director of the Norwegian Fund. This meeting will be crucial in securing funding for the projects and formally initiating the collaboration.

WTBDC conducted a collaboration meeting with senior officials from the People's Republic of China on defense industry, automotive, finance, and energy investments.

WTBDC held a productive collaboration meeting with senior officials from the People's Republic of China on defense industry, automotive, finance, and energy investments. Detailed discussions were held on potential projects and collaboration opportunities both domestically and internationally.

Topics discussed included defense industry projects, innovations in the automotive sector, financial partnerships, and joint projects in the energy sector. WTBDC officials emphasized that this collaboration with the People's Republic of China aims to mutually benefit both countries in economic and technological domains.

WTBDC held diplomatic talks with Consul General of France Bertrand Buchwalter.

The WTBDC delegation held an important diplomatic discussion with Consul General of France Bertrand Buchwalter on EU relations and recent developments in France. The meeting took place at the French Embassy.

During the meeting, current issues concerning France's economic and political agenda, as well as relations between EU countries and Turkey, were discussed. WTBDC representatives engaged in constructive dialogue with Buchwalter on the future of the EU and potential areas for collaboration.