President Message


We are going through an interesting time and many things we are used to continue to change rapidly. if we remember, The Global Trade Wars, which took place before the pandemic, had begun to change the international balances. The world's trade axis, finance and capital movements have begun to change direction and all elements of the business world, from small to large and even states have been seriously affected.

Allied lines in the world began to change and the importance of Asia and the South Asian Pacific began to be talked about. While China suddenly became the main target of the Global Trade Wars, Turkey was drawing attention like a shining star in the center of this new line. Of course, the Silk Road project One Belt One Road was effective in this.

With this project, the train from China could reach London from Beijing in 11 days. Logistics was gaining great importance, and the formation of warehouses, free zones, and centers in ship and aircraft logistics brought Turkey to the forefront for new areas. As a matter of fact, Istanbul New Airport, Northern Marmara highway and Kanal Istanbul were complementary to these projects.

What this means is that Yen airport will fulfill its role as an international transfer center, rapid action will be taken in both rail and road transport with the North Marmara highway, and superiority will be achieved with Logistics Bases and Warehouses due to the appropriate land structuring in the region. With the separation of ship traffic from the Bosphorus, fast and safe ship logistics will bring mobility to trade.

Many companies and factories operating in China are preparing for the race to establish a base and open a factory in Turkey. From here, there are opportunities to reach African and European markets at a cheaper cost.

While the changes continue in the new world order, the pandemic process was turning everything upside down and resetting the world.

As the world continues to change, we decided to make our changes and developments, and we started our renewal process with the initials symbolizing the full expansion of our title in our logo. Again, we made our website more accessible. Thus, we have demonstrated our difference with other organizations using similar abbreviation names in the world.

It is time to slowly reap the fruits of our lobbying activities, which we have done so far both in the Middle-West and especially in North African cntries, and in Asia and South Asia-Pacific cntries. The high-level lobbying activities we carry out with our friends in Tunisia continue with our expansion to neighboring cntries. We are developing our relations with Tunisia and Algeria as well as Mauritania.

The situations are escalating these days when the Eastern Mediterranean policies are on the agenda of the world. WTBDC has achieved another international success with the official protocol it signed with Libya in the last quarter of 2019, on the eve of moving rapidly in the region in its lobbying efforts and turning its eyes to this region. Formal agreement with LCCIA Libya International Commercial Arbitration Board Our WTBDC World Trade Business Development Council has been authorized to establish the commercial infrastructure in Libya and to enable partner companies and investors to reach opportunities in Libya. We are planning to start our work after the pandemic. It is of great importance that companies and entrepreneurs who want to invest and trade in Libya are in contact with us now.

Ümit Kaya
WTBDC Chairman Of The Board
United Nations Advisor