The World Trade Business Development Council operates as a Turkey-based Business Council. It aims to facilitate international trade integration across the globe through its activities.

It is an institution dedicated to identifying and managing trade and investment initiatives both from Turkey to abroad and vice versa. Increasing Turkey's share in commercial activities among countries worldwide is among its primary objectives.

Additionally, it is tasked with coordinating Turkey's private sector in external economic relations, including international investments, services, contracting, consultancy, digital transformation, and logistics. It conducts research on investment opportunities domestically and internationally, contributes to increasing Turkey's exports, and coordinates business development efforts.

In all these aspects, WTBDC fully undertakes the role of managing Turkey's private sector in external economic relations. Together with its founding organizations, members, and Business Councils, it represents a voluntary business diplomacy institution comprising Turkey's foremost entrepreneurs and business community representatives.



WTBDC, through its founding organizations and member representations, holds significant capability in areas such as production, added value, registered employment, and foreign trade within the Turkish economy.

WTBDC aims to contribute to the establishment of a social order that embraces competitive market economy, sustainable development, and participatory democracy through its initiatives.

Providing consultations to public institutions and organizations when necessary.

Enabling companies to deepen their presence in current markets and reach new markets

WTBDC has determined its mission as follows:

- Organizing national and international events

- Developing and implementing strategies and policies related to external economic relations

- Generating necessary information for the business community regarding external economic relations

- Undertaking efforts to attract foreign direct investment to Turkey

- Expanding the private sector's national, regional, and global interaction networks

- Organizing training programs aimed at enhancing corporate capacities towards companies' goals of becoming global players

- Engaging in activities that support public diplomacy and contribute to the development of bilateral and multilateral social relations

- Representing the Turkish business community in international and multinational organizations and conducting lobbying activities on behalf of the country on international platforms.

The aim of the World Trade Business Development Council is to engage in communication with all countries worldwide in line with Turkey's interests, and to advocate these relations in commercial and political domains through lobbying activities.

Our goals are to prioritize achieving regional objectives for Turkey's interests and subsequently establish Turkey as a significant player in global trade.

Through our activities as the Turkey Lobby, we aim to elevate Turkey to the desired level of prestige and reputation globally.

We identify and address the issues and needs encountered by our Council Members, proposing solutions to relevant authorities, thereby becoming vocal advocates for Turkish industry and businesspeople.

We collaborate with regional, national, and international institutions to contribute to Turkey's economic, cultural, and social structure.

By fostering unity among our members around a collaborative platform, we aim to represent them on regional, national, and international stages, providing them with international competitiveness through education, organization, and strategic support.



WTBDC members, employees, representatives, and those representing WTBDC adhere to the following ethical rules in their relationships with members, each other, and third parties:

- All work is conducted in compliance with legal requirements, with attention to fairness and equality values. The organization operates with the consciousness of being a constitutional public interest organization.

- Decision-making and implementation processes are evaluated based on the approach and decisions of members and professional committees, and decisions are democratically made by the assembly if necessary through commission work.

- All services and operations are conducted in a manner that serves the mission and values of the organization. With the awareness of being an institution established for the benefit of its members, work is carried out with a focus on customer satisfaction and member service.

- Relationships are conducted with mutual respect, ensuring reputation and trust within the framework of etiquette rules.